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Available for all ages.

Led by our chief instructors Ilan Rosenberg and Hubert Boorder.

Over 30 years experience each Ilan and Hubert have worked in numerous commercials and films performing stunts and acrobatics in combination with martial arts and sometimes weapons. Such films include Titans, Xmen, Hulk, Suicide Squad  300, Red, Paciffic Rim, Robocop, Pompeii and so much more.

This training is unique to The Canadian Commando Krav Maga Centre and is available for different ages and levels of experience. You will learned from top instructors in many different disciplines of Martial Arts including XMA. All aspects of Stunts:  Fighting and choreography, Acro and Tumbling, Falls and High Falls, Stair Falls, Wire Work, Weapons (traditional and military) and much much more

Rates available 

Daily.  Weekly.  Monthly


Monday          1pm - 6pm     Open Gym

Tuesday          10am - 1pm   Instructed  training by Chief Instructors

Wednesday  1pm - 6pm     Open Gym

Thursday        10am - 1pm   Instructed  training by Chief Instructors

Friday               1pm - 10pm   Open Gym

Saturday         11am - 2pm   Instructed  training by Chief Instructors

                              4pm - 10pm   Open Gym  

Sunday             10am - 6pm   Open Gym 

Contact us for further information first class free  


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