CKM Woman – Smart Safe Program

                                                                                      SMART SAFE IS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE

                                                                                      REALITY BASED PROTECTION PROGRAM IN THE

                                                                                      WORLD FOR WOMEN OF ALL AGES AND PHYSICAL


                                                                                      Our CKM Woman – Smart Safe program is designed

                                                                                      empower you in times of great need. Smart

                                                                                      Safe teaches you simple to learn techniques which

                                                                                      will dramatically increase a woman’s ability to defend

                                                                                      herself and her family. Merging situational awareness

                                                                                      with preventative tactics, Smart Safe strengthens your

                                                                                      mind and body.

                                                                                      Smart Safe will not only enhance your ability to

                                                                                      handle violent confrontations, but daily life as well.

                                                                                      1 in 3 women–mothers, wives, friends, sisters and

                                                                                      daughters–are statistically likely to become a victim

                                                                                      physical or sexual violence within their lifetime.


Despite the best efforts to crack down on the offenders, these horrifying statistics aren’t getting any better. Women are being attacked by vicious criminal who have no sense of morality or decency. These criminals are looking for the weakest among you to take advantage of and scar not just physically, but emotionally for life. Tragically, these altercations sometimes end fatally for the victim. Every woman needs to know how to defend herself in these life or death situations. It’s because of this great need that Moni Aizik developed the CKM Woman’s Smart Safe Program.

Smart Safe is unlike any self-defense program that has come along before it. We’ve merged situational awareness with preventative tactics to create a comprehensive, reality-based women’s self-defense program that will enhance your ability to handle violent confrontations as well as everyday life.

Smart Safe is for Every Woman

  • Women from ages 12 – 80

  • Women of all sizes, shapes and fitness levels

  • Women that have never been attacked

  • Women who have survived an attack

Smart Safe has empowered women just like you to realize that they do not have to live in fear of physical or mental violence.

Techniques & Tactics

Smart Safe techniques are easy to learn, simple to preform and require very little physical strength. This is the most comprehensive reality based self defense program in the world for women!


  • Comprehensive Survival Skills

  • Situational Awareness Mindset

  • Fear Psychology

  • Sexual Assault Scenarios

  • Kidnapping Attempts

  • Car Jacking

  • Home Invasion

  • Gun Disarming

  • Vicious Knife Threats

  • Violent Strangulation



  • Ground Survival

  • Striking Scenarios

  • Pressure Points

  • Violent Headlocks

  • Surprise Attacks

  • Escape from Unexpected Street-Holds

  • Improvised Weapons

  • Pre and Post Confrontation Tactics

  • Extreme Conflict Mindset…

  • The Never Give Up Attitude!


Acquire the tools and knowledge to get into your best physical and mental shape by attending Smart Safe CKM classes.

Womens Self Defense and Emporment


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