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Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kuen (traditional Chinese: 詠春拳), usually called Wing Chun (詠春), is a concept-based traditional Southern Chinese Kung fu (wushu) style and a form of self-defense, that requires quick arm movements and strong legs to defeat opponents. Softness (via relaxation) and performance of techniques in a relaxed manner is fundamental to Wing Chun.

Per Ip Man, "Chi Sau in Wing Chun is to maintain one's feeling of opponent's movement by staying relaxed all the while keeping in the strength to fight back, much like the flexible nature of bamboo".


Danny Siswanto

CCKMC Wing Chun Instructor

Sifu Dan Siswanto began his martial arts career in Shotokan Karate before transitioning into his training in Chinese Martial Arts, in which he studied for more than 15 years. He is currently active in training Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Asiatic Delos-Reyes and Hung Gar Kung Fu under Sifu Richard Palmer. 

Aside from training and teaching Martial Arts, Sifu Dan has also worked as an actor and stunt performer in various short film projects.